Pokemon Stamp Box~Pokemon Card Game~"Beauty Looking Back"&"Wild Geese Flying under the Full Moon"set

Sale price¥55,000


・Sold by lottery. Issued for the first lottery win on August 25, 2021. Fine condition.
・The following items contains in an original box with a monster ball design.
【 1 stamp sheet / 3 variant cards (one of each) / 1 "Pokemon Card Game Sword & Shield: Anytime, Anywhere Family Pokémon Card Game" / 2 "Pokemon Card Game Promo Cards" (one of each) 】
・Box dimensions: Width 280mm x Length 160mm x Height 50mm.

  • ご利用ガイド荷造送料区分Aの商品です。
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    Able to send this item to overseas.
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    You can find items from issued year.Just put year into search window.
  • osc sampleの文字は現物には入っておりません。
    NO sample letters on the item.
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    Please do NOT print out item image.

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