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Collection of stamps called "King of Hobby". The heart is a hobby that enjoys and enjoys at home, and it is a hobby that can be enjoyed while sharing information and sympathy with friends. It is also a big attraction that you can customize the collection method infinitely according to your preference and budget. If you notice, you will be able to circle a big man beyond age, gender, occupation, nationality.

Masayuki Yamamoto, a representative of the club, and when I was in elementary school, I started collecting stamps, seeing that a clean stamp is attached to the letter that arrived at his home. At that time, if you do not have a specific action, it will surely walk with an unbroken life with stamps. Toast to life I met with stamps!

1. Recommended for beginners

At that time I was doing it instinctively,

  1. Organize the letter arrived at home and put the stamps that have been pasted
  2. Go to the post office, keep the interest of interest, but buy a stamp for collecting in the budget

2. If you get a favorite stamp, buy the supplies that you need to collect

  1. Catalog
  2. Two tweezers (things that do not have a point for stamp collection)
  3. Stamp storage album (Strictly, stock footwear, leaf) Handling

3. Buy stamps as you are interested

The first term is collected more than quality. If you are in the budget and cheap, buy it with interest. Let's fix your favorite stamps from a large amount of spent stamps, buy and collect a cheap frost of the Postal Ahead, collect and organize it.

4. Acquire basic knowledge at the beginning of collection

  • Since fingerprints and fingers are dirty, stamps always handle with tweezers
  • The value of the stamp is the same stamp, which is largely dependent on the condition
  • New stamps and new products are frequently issued at the post office

Let's learn while collecting.

5. Determine the guidelines for collection

Country Collection: Determine the stamp to be collected in the United States, the United States, and the United Kingdom

Topical Collection: Determine the stamp to be collected by the statement such as animals, flowers, railways

Or collect or collect with unused, of course, budget is also important. .

In this blog, we will deliver articles that can be enjoyed from beginner customers to specialized collection customers and the latest information by category. I'm glad if you enjoy the posting of your interest and sharing the fun of stamp collection.


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